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This form is one of the simplest, mathematically: it is a three-dimensional spatial grid. One actualizes this form by visualizing one's environment within this grid. The benefit is a sort of instantaneous geometrical analysis that is compressed into procedural knowledge of one's ambient environment. This knowledge can be used for camouflage, combat, foraging, or simply moving about one's terrain safely. Wandering Aligned typically treat this form as bread and butter ability, actualizing it whenever it wears off or whenever the terrain changes significantly.

In certain areas, use of this form will sensitize one to ambient information that extends beyond one's immediate environment and into the region at large. This will have the effect of giving one a map-like visualization of the surrounding area (with one's present environment, in the center of the visualization, appearing as a sort of blank spot in the map).

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 70 points among mathematics skill and awareness skill


Have at least 115 points among jungle fieldcraft skill, mountaineering skill, cold tolerance skill, orienteering skill, forestry skill, foraging skill, sky fieldcraft skill, spelunking skill, space fieldcraft skill, shorelands fieldcraft skill, swamp fieldcraft skill, streetwise skill, tracking skill, awareness skill. arctic fieldcraft skill, aquatic fieldcraft skill, heat tolerance skill, hills fieldcraft skill, infernal fieldcraft skill, Umbral fieldcraft skill, plains fieldcraft skill, desert fieldcraft skill, Exoma fieldcraft skill, and cartography skill

Facility Formula

30% of ego plus 35% of enchantment skill plus 20% of mathematics skill plus 15% of lexiturgy skill

Facility Range

68 to 450

Energy Costs

25 spiritual

Process to Actualize Form

visualize my environment within an expanse of abstract space

'visualize my environment' on its own will work if you don't want to see the map that the form generates.


This form appears to give situational awareness at around 75% perfection.

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