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This form allows one to manipulate the energies acquired with the form Mimesis in more subtle and sophisticated ways. An energetic principle can not only be used to bombard a target, but it can also be manipulated to interfere with other instances of its energy type. When one energetic principle is brought into an opposing phase with another, they nullify each other.

This form requires a gemstone as a seed, and an impressed mimetic principle as a partial source of energy. One rotates the principle into antiphase and embeds it within the gemstone, which then serves to protect one against damage from that energy type. Both one's facility with this form and the strength of the mimetic principle are relevant to determining how effective the resulting enchantment is.

Take note: the protection is not always perfectly matched to the original mimetic type, especially for more complex principles. Also note that the quality of the gem is relevant to how perfectly it can maintain the principle in antiphase, and thus the effectiveness of its protection.

Knowledge Requirement

one of

acting skill of 25 or higher, mimicry skill of 25 or higher, physics skill of 75 or higher, biology skill of 75 or higher, philosophy skill of 75 or higher, or metaphysics skill of 75 or higher

and have at least 200 points among

physics skill, mathematics skill, and gem lore skill

Facility Formula

25% of ego plus 50% of conjuration skill plus 20% of lexiturgy skill plus 10% of enchantment skill

Facility Range

136 to 350

Energy Costs

75 spiritual and 20 order

Process to Actualize Form

concentrate on rotating the principle impressed within mote <#> into <gem>

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