Astral Perception (Fey Abilities)

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You have the potential to be able to engage astral perception, an esoteric sensory capability that allows you to see the subtle energies of the world around you. Doing this is a matter of some difficulty, and those of less potent blood have little hope of success without developing their abilities to a considerable degree.


Attempting to engage astral perception is extremely draining to one's spiritual energy, and failure only mitigates this cost slightly.


To use this ability, concentrate on engaging your astral perception. If successful, your astral perception will fade again after a time; it cannot be voluntarily disengaged. Repeating this process before your astral perception has faded will extend its duration.

Skill Relevance

three parts awareness, two parts divination

Attribute Relevance

five parts perception, two parts willpower, one part intellect

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