Bezhuul (ELF Invocation)

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Urdu lrae kargoomukth grek xarik hezzarak kilmurkex ig mog dokth kargfar rae Bezhuul! -

 [ Type                   : ] god
 [ Portfolio              : ] domination, rulership, bezhuldaars
 [ Disposition            : ] moderately hostile
 [ Offerings Desired      : ] limbs of still-living beings
 [ Spirit Point Cost      : ] fifty-five to seventy
 [ Requirements to Invoke : ] worship Bezhuul or have at least 100 points in theology skill
 [ General Information    : ] Bezhuul will imbue one's eyes with his power to lash at one's foe.
If offered the severed limb of a still-living being, he will augment one with considerably more of 
his power.

Note: Invoked in combat, this invocation causes a random(?) bezhuldaar eyebeam to zap your opponent. A failed invocation zaps you with a bezhuldaar death ray effect.

Xaolyn here! This guy, as the information states gives you eye lasers! You'd think this'd make eing a shoggoth or a bezhuldaar super aweosme, but it doesn't! You only get a maximum of two, but being an oni does make things worse! Getting limbs off live people can be difficult but it really does make a difference, it's like pew pew versus BOOM.

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