Bloodlust (Demonic Ability)

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Awaken Bloodlust


The most dreaded of a demon's abilities is his ability to call upon the latent rage that lies dormant in the blood of all sentient beings. This rage makes one berserk in combat, greatly augmenting one's offense at the total expense of defense. It also makes one unable to concentrate or mentally focus on complex tasks. As such it can be used to great effect on allies and enemies alike -- and is particularly fearsome when induced in oneself.


Awakening bloodlust requires a fair of spiritual energy. If your target does not trust you, they will likely attempt to resist you, making your task more difficult.


To use this ability, concentrate on awakening or inducing bloodlust within your target.

Skill Relevance

one part rune lore, two parts sanguiphrasty

Attribute Relevance

three parts ego, two parts willpower, one part intellect

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