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Bridges have, of course, tremendous symbolic significance: they link what is otherwise disparate, allow passage over difficulty, and so on. Many aspects of this significance are utilized in actualizing this form, which opens various martial potentialities within oneself. The bridge serves as a passageway over the troubled waters of combat, or as a pass through an enemy's defenses. And, as one improves one's facility with this form, one can acquire procedural knowledge of specific combat maneuvers that serve as transitional bridges in martial locomotion. One can become quite fluid and versatile in combat in this way. This form affords the primary mode of self-defense for the majority of Aligned, and many Aligned become quite proficient martial artists solely to gain more fluency with this form. The discipline of martial arts gives the title of "art" some warrant, further motivating its study among the Aligned. (Other Aligned eschew this sort of combat altogether, relying on the clever use of other forms when self-defense is needed.) Maintaining this knowlege within oneself is a drain on one's reserves of order energy. One can release the form by the same process that one actualizes it.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 40 points among

50% of physics skill and martial arts skill

Facility Formula

10% of agility plus 10% of ego plus 85% of martial arts skill plus 10% of physics skill plus 10% of enchantment skill plus 10% of lexiturgy skill plus 5% of siege engineering skill, with diminishing returns on a scaling factor of five

Facility Rating

68 to 350

Energy Costs

55 spiritual and 5 order

Process to Actualize

visualize a bridge

Bonuses Given

at 66/83% I saw these bonuses (I only checked combat skills and quickness. Also I have 66% rating without Bridge active, then it shoots up to 83% with the bonuses below):

Combat Reflexes +55

Instant Stand +55

Lack of Weakness +55

Martial Arts +55

Steadiness +55

Quickness +55

Unarmed Combat +55

(At 100/100% all of these skills are boosted by +75)

Maneuvers Granted

Note: This is at 100/100, though I'm unsure in what order all of these are granted.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

  • Leaning Punch
   Aligned Combat Maneuver
   Usage: perform leaning punch [at <target>]
   Typical Activity Cost: 26

   Delivers a punch with that one leans one's body into.  This is slower than most other punches and jabs, but when done by someone
   who knows how to control the inertia of their body, it is much more damaging.
  • Slanted Palm
   Aligned Combat Maneuver
   Usage: perform slanted palm [at <target>]
   Typical Activity Cost: 16

   Delivers a blow with one's palm, typically at the head, neck, and shoulders of the opponent, but sometimes also at his central
   mass or other body part, depending on his stance and anatomy.  The goal of this maneuver is to knock one's opponent off balance
   and keep their positioning awkward.
  • Piercing Strike
   Aligned Combat Maneuver
   Usage: perform piercing strike [at <target>]
   Typical Activity Cost: 16

   Delivers a strike with the intention of breaching the opponent's defenses.  Typically this does not deal as much damage as a
   punch, but it is far more effective at wounding armoured foes (be the armour natural or artificial). Typically one uses one's
   fist, palm, or fingertips for this maneuver as appropriate.
  • Straight Knee
   Aligned Combat Maneuver
   Usage: perform straight knee [on <target>]
   Typical Activity Cost: 16

   Attacks an opponent with one's knee, using a forward thrusting motion to strike their body.
  • Crescent Kick
   Aligned Combat Maneuver
   Usage: perform crescent kick [at <target>]
   Typical Activity Cost: 21

   Delivers a sweeping kick at one's opponent that puts the inertia of one's rotating body behind it.  
   This is typically a bit slower than a normal kick, but slightly more damaging and accurate.
  • Shadow Strike
   Aligned Combat Maneuver
   Usage: perform shadow strike [at <target>]
   Typical Activity Cost: 16

   Strikes at one's opponent while channeling chi from opposite extremes within one's psyche.  
   This maneuver is particularly useful for harming opponents who are normally unphased by mundane attacks.
  • Wave Strike
   Aligned Combat Maneuver
   Usage: perform wave strike [at <target>]
   Typical Activity Cost: 22

   This maneuver channels a fraction of one's chi via a blow with one fingertips.  The strike occurs as a burst of concussive force 
   manifested a short distance from one's finger. One's evocation is relevant for this maneuver.
  • Fanged Strike (Granted at 100%)
   Aligned Combat Maneuver
   Usage: perform fanged strike [at <target>]
   Typical Activity Cost: 8

   Delivers a quick jab with the intent of causing as much pain in one's opponent as possible.  That this incapacitating move is so
   fast makes it dangerous indeed. It depends highly on one's knowledge of how to harm one's opponent.
End of spoiler information.
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