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Brutes are folk oriented toward the more physical things in life -- particularly the violent destruction of others' physical forms. Their abilities generally draw on their Endurance, the purely physical energy of their bodies. These include the following special powers and help topics:

       hand to hand            Brutes have some special talents where
                               hand-to-hand combat is concerned.
       pump up                 Brutes can "pump up" to increase their
                               physical prowess.
       perform headbutt        An attack form remarkably appropriate for
                               the more Brutal members of society.
       dismember               The most Brutal of special abilities, this
                               allows one to simply tear limbs off enemies.
       beer                    Beer is an obsession for most Brutes, and
                               some have been know to maim or even kill 
                               over minor details relating to it.
                               This topic explains all about beer and a 
                               Brute's relation to it.

The commands to use the Brute Squad channel are 'brute', 'guild', and ']'.

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