Chaos Star (Aligned Form)

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Chaos Star

A fractal set is not one equation, but a set of interrelated equations which can be used to generate structure to an arbitrary degree of magnification. While a remarkable source of order, one that is indeed reflected in many natural structures, it is also a symbol of chaos, of unbounded possibility. Holding a fractal set in mind is extraordinarily difficult, but not as difficult as aligning the leximantic fractal structure to it: this requires a modicum of control over chaos magicks as well. The resulting kalila chakra is all but impossible for most Aligned to maintain.

Knowledge Requirement

chaoturgy skill of 30 or higher and mathematics skill of 130 or higher

Facility Formula

25% of intellect plus 50% of lexiturgy skill plus 25% of enchantment skill plus 10% of chaoturgy skill

Facility Rating

272 to 550

Energy Costs

100 order and 100 spiritual

Process to Actualize

think about a fractal set

Chakra Affected

Kalila (chaos affinity)

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