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   [18:32] Chaos: okay, what you're doing with Special_Attack_Scaled_Power() is this
   [18:33] Chaos: you are defining (optionally) two scales: YOUR scale, which is whatever range you want it to be
   [18:34] Chaos: (actually that one's not optional to define)
   [18:34] Chaos: and a scale in terms of Special_Attack_Power levels, which IS optional, it defaults to the whole range
   (Special_Attack_Power_Feeble to Special_Attack_Power_Very_Overwhelming)
   [18:35] Chaos: basically, it maps a point in YOUR scale to a point on the POWER scale
   [18:35] Chaos: just by corresponding position basically
   [18:35] Chaos: so if you tell it, okay, i want a scale of 1 to 1000
   [18:35] Chaos: and you go ahead and use your default
   [18:35] Chaos: for the power scale
   [18:35] Chaos: and the rating i'm evaluating is 500
   [18:36] Chaos: then it'll pick whatever's halfway up the power scale
   [18:36] Chaos: because 500 is halfway up your 1 to 1000 scale
   [18:36] Chaos: the call for that would be: Special_Attack_Scaled_Power(500, 1, 1000)
   [18:37] Chaos: though presumably 500 would be coming out of some variable where a calculated rating has been stored
   [18:37] Chaos: if you wanted to scale from Special_Attack_Moderate to Special_Attack_Very_Strong instead, you'd do:
   [18:37] Chaos: Special_Attack_Scaled_Power(x, 1, 1000, Special_Attack_Moderate, Special_Attack_Very_Strong)
   [18:38] Chaos: where x is your rating variable
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