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This form lets one choose a charge, a personal symbol. In many forms that involve manifesting a symbol as a part of an effect or an enduring enchantment, one's personal symbol will be used. To clear one's charge, in order to let the default symbol take priority in these manifestations, actualize this form with "nothing" as the argument. Like the other stylistic effects available to the Aligned, there is some debate over its value, with some decrying such stylistic flourishes as energetically wasteful vanity, and others insisting upon their importance in maintaining a distinct and unified personality.

  • [OOC Notes: The symbol database is largely player generated, though screen by me, somewhat like the Discordian quote database. If you attempt to select a charge that is not in the symbol database, it will be suggested for addition. There are some rough guidelines for symbols. One, it must be a general type of object, of a sort that can be designated with an indefinite article (e.g. "a dragon" is a valid, "three dragons" is not). It cannot inherently include a color, as the color of your symbol is automatically determined by other factors. And finally, developers reserve the right to reject symbols that are too silly or otherwise inappropriate for the guild. A symbol suggestion, of course, will not assert the form's energy cost. In an admittedly arbitrary fashion, the more difficult to achieve symbols are those that were added more recently. You will be able to select the first N% of the symbols, where N is your perfection with this form.]

Knowledge Requirement

This one seems to be autolearned.

Facility Formula

25% of ego plus 45% of enchantment skill plus 20% of painting skill plus 10% of lexiturgy skill plus 10% of heraldry skill plus 10% of symbology skill

Facility Rating

136 to 320

Energy Costs

100 spiritual and 20 order

Process to Actualize

visualize a coat of arms charged with <"a"/"an" symbol> [or <"nothing">]

Charges Available

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

This is the current list of available charges.

Update: June 4, 2015

There are three hundred thirty-seven charges, three hundred thirty-seven of which are accessible to you. There are two charges waiting for approval.

The charges currently available to you are: acacia branch, acorn, alisaunder, anchor, angel, ant, antelope, anthrope, ape, apple, ark, arm, arrow, arrow head, axe, badger, basket, bastard sword, bat, bear, bee, beetle, belfry, bell, bird claw, bison, blade of grass, blindfold, bo, boar, bobcat, book, boot, bow, bow and arrow, bowl, bridge, broom, brush, buck, bull, butterfly, calf, camel, canary, candle, cane, cannon, cardinal, caribou, carnation, carpenter's square, castle, cat, cedar, cheetah, cherry blossom, cinquefoil, circle, clarion, claw, claymore, closed fist, cloud, coin, comet, compass, cone, cormorant, cornucopia, cougar, cow, crane, crescent, crescent moon, crested flycatcher, cricket, crosier, cross, crow, crown, crown of thorns, cube, cypress, dagger, daisy, dancette line, dart, decrescent, deer, die, dog, dogwood flower, dolphin, double quatrefoil, dove, dragon, dragonfly, drum, duck, eagle, eel, egg, elephant, elephant tusk, elicat, elk, ellipse, embattled line, engrailed line, ermine, ermine spot, escallop, escarbuncle, estoile, eye, falcon, fan, fang, fasces, feather, ferret, fetterlock, fife, finch, fir, firefly, fish, fishhook, flame, flaming heart, fleece, fleur-de-lis, fly, foot, fountain, fox, fractal spiral, fret, frog, fusil, fusil of yarn, galley, gauntlet, gem, globe, goat, goblet, goose, gourd, grapevine, grasshopper, griffon, gull, halbard, hammer, hand, hare, harmonica, harp, hart, hawk, heart, hedgehog, helm, heron, hexagon, hind, holly leaf, horn, horse, horseshoe, hourglass, hunting horn, infinity symbol, intended line, invecked line, jacksnipe, jewel, jo, juniper, kangaroo, katana, key, kiln, koala, lamb, lantern, leaf, leopard, lighthouse, lightning bolt, lilac, lion, lizard, longsword, loom, lotus, lute, lyre, mace, magpie, maltese, martlet, maul, mermaid, meteor, monkey, moon, moose, moth, mountain, mountain range, mouse, naginata, nebuly line, needle, oak tree, ocean wave, octogon, octopus, open hand, orchid, orthros, osprey, oval, owl, panther, patoncee, pattee, peach blossom, peacock, peacocke, pegasus, pen, pentagon, pentagram, pheasant, phoenix, pickaxe, pig, pigeon, playing card, pole arm, polypid, primrose, quatrefoil, quill, rabbit, raccoon, raguly line, raindrop, ram, rat, raven, rectangle, reindeer, ring, rope, rose, ruler, sai, sailboat, sandal, scorpion, scroll, sea lion, seashell, septfoil, serpent, sexfoil, sextant, shamrock, shark, sheep, shoe, shovel, sickle, skull, slingshot, snail, snake, snowflake, sparrow, spear, sphinx, spider, spider monkey, spiral, spring, square, squid, squirrel, staff, stag, star, steeple, stingray, stork, sun, sunflower, swallow, swan, sword, swordfish, tanto, teardrop, tessen, tesseract, thistle, tiger, toad, topsail, torch, tortoise, tower, trapezoid, tree, trefoil, triangle, trillium, trumpet, turtle, unicorn, volcano, vulture, walking stick, wand, warpstone, wasp, water organ, wavy line, whale, wheat sheaf, wheel, wolf, and wyvern.

End of spoiler information.
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