Color (Lightbringer Volition)

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Skill Parts                 : 
    mathematics, 0.5
    power direction, 1
    power focusing, 1
    power tuning, 1
Proficiency Minimum         : 0
Proficiency Maximum         : 110
Spirit Cost                 : 100
Lens Power Cost             : 0.1%
Process to Actualize Form   : will my lens to turn <target>
Changes the color of one's lens, as well as the color of subsequent energy effects brought about through one's lens.  Valid colors:
black, blue, cyan, green, orange, pink, red, violet, white, yellow, bright blue, bright cyan, bright green, bright orange, bright
pink, bright red, bright violet, bright white, bright yellow, dark blue, dark cyan, dark green, dark orange, dark pink, dark red,
dark violet, and dark yellow.
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