Corpore Lux (Lightbringer Volition)

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Skill Parts                 :
   light affinity, 1.5
   power focusing, 1
   power generation, 1.5
   power tuning, 3
Proficiency Minimum         : 110
Proficiency Maximum         : 550
Aperture Required           : Sanctum, tier 2
Spirit Cost                 : 15 initially, 1.5 every one minute
Lens Power Cost             : 2% initially, 1% every one minute
Process to Actualize Form   : will corpore lux <on/off>
Infuse one's body and mind with the essence of pure light, improving one's physical and mental speed and strength in a number of ways.

Corpore Lux provides some degree of astral perception, enables the situational awareness trait, increases raw speed, and provides a large bonus to strength, agility, and perception.

At 100% Proficiency:

5 Astral Perception
+40 to strength, agility, and perception
+40 to the following skills:

  • Awareness
  • Combat Reflexes
  • Dodge
  • Massive Blow
  • Massive Exertion
  • Precision Strike
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