Create Ahriman(Lightbringer Volition)

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Skill Parts                 : 
    power direction, 1
    power focusing, 1
    power generation, 5
    power tuning, 1.5
Proficiency Minimum         : 220
Proficiency Maximum         : 550
Aperture Required           : Anima, tier 3
Spirit Cost                 : 65 initially, 15 every fifteen seconds
Lens Power Cost             : 2% initially, 2% every fifteen seconds
Process to Actualize Form   : will creation of an ahriman
Creates a ahriman and places it under one's control and ownership.
   This is a shifting field of light that swirls in a pattern of movement that gives it a
consistently ball-like shape.  You recognize it as an ahriman, an entity of tremendous power from
the amalgamal plane of Light.  Ahrimans are more sapient than mere amalgamals, being possessed of
roughly animal intelligence.  Not much is known about ahrimans beyond the fact that they can have
the ability to direct their internal light in a manner that makes them very dangerous to approach. 
Its spherical form seems to contain concentric circles that give it an eye-like appearance.  It
appears to be composed of a tracery of light.  It has a webwork of sparkling light within and
around it.  It is giving off light.  
   It looks about one and a fifth dimins across.  
   It is in good shape.
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