Create Image(Lightbringer Volition)

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Skill Parts                 :
    power direction, 0.5
    power focusing, 2
    power generation, 1
    power tuning, 3
    introspection, 2
Proficiency Minimum         : 220
Proficiency Maximum         : 550
Aperture Required           : Mirror, tier 3
Spirit Cost                 : 30 initially, 1.5 every fifteen seconds
Lens Power Cost             : 4% initially, 0.5% every fifteen seconds
Process to Actualize Form   : will creation of an image
Creates an approximate mirror image of oneself out of light energy that can be equipped with weapons and armour and will duplicate
certain of one's lens energy attacks.  The image will receive a portion of one's skills and attributes, determined by one's
proficiency.  Duplicated attacks drain half of the normal lens energy and none of the spiritual energy.
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