Dendrite (Aligned Form)

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In nature, many types of crystalline formations take the form of natural fractal patterns, displaying a natural and repeating pattern at every scale. One particular type of crystalline structure is that of dendrite crystals, which develop with a multi-branching pattern visually similar to the leafy branches of a tree. By concentrating on the philosophical and cosmological resonances inherent in such an image, Aligned who trace their own lineage through such plants can transform the order stones commonly utilized by other, head-possessing aligned into the form of a fractally-repeated crystal lattice, suitable for embedding in one's bark and integrating with one's body on a broader scale. Dropping or otherwise ridding oneself of the resulting lattice will allow the stone to resume its normal form.

Knowledge Requirement

be an aethoss or be a haughwan

Facility Formula

15% of willpower plus 15% of vitality plus 10% of ego plus 10% of intellect plus 15% of telesma skill plus 15% of eideturgy skill plus 22.5% of gem lore skill

Facility Range

136 to 150

Energy Costs

100 spiritual and 50 order

Process to Actualize

visualize the spreading fractals of a dendritic crystal as the leafy branches of a tree superimposed upon <target>

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