Dowser (Wild Talent)

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  • Primary use: Regret, shame
  • Combat talent: No. Just... no.
  • Reveals by:
    • Being near water



Sense Water

  • Command: concentrate on sensing water
  • Effect: Detect nearby water
  • Facility:

Reveal Messages

Any of these reveal messages will be followed by:

You realize that your latent psychic wild talent is that of a dowser.

and then an intense sensation of sadness.

Being near water

In a sudden, strange flash, you realize that you can not only see the water
around you, but mysteriously *sense* it, *feel* it with your mind, like an
echo inside you.

Help File

  A dowser has a certain psychic affinity for the waters of the world, and has
the power to sense the presence of water around him. The more powerful and
skilled a dowser, the greater the distance at which water may be sensed and the
more accurate his ability.
  Your facility at sensing water is determined by your perception and your skill
in the psionic discipline of metasenses. Simply concentrate on sensing water in
order to do so.
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