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Bonding Requirements

Confirmed: Quest points.
Unconfirmed: Companions, introspection, intimidation, leadership, courage.

"You experience feelings of regality, majesty, reciprocation, supremacy, and perfection."
The regality, majesty, supremacy means that you need to be in command of a large following, go get some followers.

Boggotin bonded with:
307 Quest Points
6 Firelizard followers and 2 bonds
145 Introspection
109 Intimidation
150 leadership
108 courage
200 Str, 210 Agi, 330 Vit, 160 Ego, 160 Int, 220 Wil, 210 Per

Oraror had a parrot, a psionic cat and the dragon in question *already as a companion from being an Eris gift* before bonding.

Ydand had a parakeet, a rat, a mouse, a crab, a lizard, a frog and an iguana as companions and 203 quest points and bonded a dragon.

Rhaenys had no companions and 269 quest points. Base skills were Introspection 130, Intimidation 72, Leadership 102, Courage 76; all were buffed by ~20 at time of bonding.

Some unique dragons can't be bonded (tested with an elemental dragon in the green chapel, for instance).

Known Abilities

Can join a guild to give their consort even more variety of skill access.

Attribute Modifications

Dragons give their consort a bonus in attributes based on their own, scaling with bond strength. The familiar also gains stat boosts based on the consort's stat spread and bond strength.

Skill Effects

While all empathic bonds are reciprocal conduits, dragons put extreme emphasis on this. As the consort, you gain your specialty access from your dragon specialties, as well as skill boosts from their skills, scaled with bond strength. As the familiar, they inherit skill boosts from the skills the consort has. This makes for an exceptionally potent bond. The skills you get boosted show up in "show effects", which works while conjoined.

  Your abilities in the Anglic language are being enhanced by your bond with Stormspark.
  Your abilities in cold tolerance are being enhanced by your bond with Ravuth.


Dragon consorts get their basic charms later on than any other full essence bond. Be wary of this.

Standard Charms

Nonstandard Charms

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