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Actualization of this form manifests itself as a telesmatic field of sonic vibrations surrounding and interpenetrating one's body, especially one's nervous system. The result is a tremendously augmented perceptual system. How this works is not entirely clear, but it at least involves the transmission of information about the ambient environment carried in sonic vibrations being ampliatively embedded in one's sense organs. This sensory augmentation has a number of effects, not all of them positive. As one might expect, one's perception is augmented. Less expectedly, one's willpower and tenacity are augmented: an apparent side effect of being perceptually joined with one's environment is that one feels less resistance to achieving one's purposes, as though the boundary between one's goals and the indifferent world is blurred or even abrogated. Because a sort of harmonic humming sound surrounds one, stealth is very difficulty with this field up. More seriously is that one becomes far more sensitive to pain and almost all damage types involving direct physical harm. (The effects of this form don't extend to astral perception, and perhaps for that reason mana damage is not exacerbated.) For this reason most Aligned do not use this spell if they are in or are expecting to be in combat -- though some still do, for the trans-modal echolocation is particularly useful for dodging and deflecting attacks. The echoing field manifested by this form will gradually drain one's order energy, though not very quickly, and for a skilled Aligned the increased willpower and channeling capacities granted by it compensate for the drain. One can release the field via the same procedure that one conjures it.

Knowledge Requirement

one of

stringed instruments skill of 75 or higher, wind instruments skill of 75 or higher or singing skill of 75 or higher


attunement level of 175 or higher

Facility Formula

30% of ego plus 15% of intellect plus 10% of enchantment skill plus 10% of psychophrasty skill plus 15% of lexiturgy skill plus 30% of stringed instruments skill, 30% of wind instruments skill, or 30% of singing skill, whichever is highest

Facility Rating

Facility Minimum  : 162 Facility Maximum  : 495

Energy Costs

100 spiritual

Process to Actualize

subvocalize a melody to match my normal locomotive rhythm

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