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This form uses understanding of a concealment of astrophysical proportions -- an eclipse -- as a fundament for manifesting a personal adornment that one can use to conceal one's equipment: this form manifests a cloak of sorts, often called a "veil", that is enchanted to magickally conceal one's armaments and other garb. The only thing that one examining you will see is the veil itself, at least so long as one remains out of combat. (If one is in combat, one's movements are too violent to keep the veil tight enough around one's person). The veil can take the form of a cloak, robe, or kimono, depending on one's personal preferences.

Like all Aligned armour manifestations, it will last either until banished, until one no longer has the order energy to maintain it, or until one disincarnates. To banish a veil, concentrate on returning the form within it to a potential state.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 80 points among

10% of armour lore skill, 50% of disguise skill and cosmology skill

Facility Formula

15% of ego plus 15% of intellect plus 25% of lexiturgy skill plus 25% of cosmology skill plus 5% of conjuration skill plus 5% of enchantment skill plus 10% of disguise skill plus 10% of armour lore skill

Facility Rating

178 to 305

Energy Costs

100 spiritual and 6 order

Process to Actualize

visualize the edge of a nearly complete eclipse as the hem of a <cloak/robe/kimono>

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