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"Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!"

 [ Type                   : ] goddess
 [ Portfolio              : ] chaos, confusion, discord, strife, change, creativity
 [ Disposition            : ] your patroness, whose pull with the rest of the divine
community enables you to perform all your nifty tricks
 [ Offerings Desired      : ] any
 [ Spirit Point Cost      : ] five to ten
 [ Requirements to Invoke : ] worship Eris
 [ General Information    : ] Invoking Eris allows you to sense whether she is 
pleased with your alignment -- and Sinister Dexter isn't going to be giving you any
promotions while she's not.  If you're in serious trouble, she also might give you a
little help.  Offering her items, on the other hand, can be the route to particularly
large doses of her favor -- or not.
Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.
Eris sighting
Eris sighting

Leolla here!!

Eris is the dead sexiest incarnation of Chaos evuh. Look at the pictures!! Don't you want to do immoral and possibly illegal things to Chaos RIGHT NOW? Or have pie?

She'll whimsically toss boons to you, somewhat in proportion to what you give her. She used to detest corpse parts, I mean, come on. Ick. I personally haven't given her any forevuh, but eh, your xotimancy may vary.

I've since found she'll take corpse parts (or at least not smite you) if you cleverly mix them in with other objects ('sacrifice all to Eris', etc.) Maybe it's the old saw about a spoonful of sugar helps the corpses go down?? Anyway, do your part and help keep places clean! Less stuff = less lag = more Chaos! And pie-time!

SDIC Hazard
SDIC Hazard

Stuff that seems to influence how good of stuff you get (hurray, total conjecture!)

  • --Chaos Favour
  • --Invoke skills
  • --Value of the object in question
  • --Being chaotic

Due notice.
Due notice.
Leolla's favorite Eris pic.
Leolla's favorite Eris pic.
Could it be... ERIS?
Could it be... ERIS?
For the fairest...
For the fairest...

Stuff you may get in approximate order of boo to yay (or not pie to pie):

  • Absolutely nothing except the warm fuzzy of giving stuff to Eris. Yay!
  • Summon an entity (Azathoth, The King in Yellow, etc). Probably won't be happy with you!
  • Blasted with magic
  • Blasted with chaos
  • Blasted with death magic stuffs, which will weaken you
  • Generally, blasted with something that currently is OK/good for you (affinity based)
  • Telemaported somewhere random (you expected it to not be random?!)
  • Made real tired
  • Something tidal! ("You feel power receding from") idea!
  • Shocked
  • Slowed
  • Made crazy in some way
  • Made spit random insults at people
  • Have money taken away
  • Detect magic on the area around you
  • Given money
  • Given a chaos amulet
  • Given a random item
  • Given a random follower/attacker
  • Have any attribute temporarily enhanced
  • Given a new chakra
  • Have a chakra charged
  • Have spirit restored some
  • Have endurance restored some
  • Healed some
  • Cured of a curse
  • Completely restored in health/endurance/spirit (and blinded, probably).
  • Given Variabilis
  • Given a life

In battle I've seen:

  • Damage. All sorts! Magick, chaos, electricity, earth, fire, plasma, air, alkaline, acid, heat, and mixes, at the very least.

End of spoiler information.
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