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Alignment is in the process of being removed. There "are very few instances left". Here is a list of places, items, things, and more from whence it has been been fully or partially removed so far.

Aisenshi, Brute Squad, Chaos Knights, Discordians, Travelers, Reapers, Ringwielders, Losthaven, Corna, Jhan, Terrace, Attuned, Aligned, Battleragers, Aliavelyrae, Justicars of Axa, Ordo Ignis Aeternis, Hand of Eris, Ivory Tower, Temple Bloodmoon, Liathyr, Asklepeion, Sunken Cathedral, Gurbodax, Togrek, Valathyr, Hanoma, Kolond, Camelot, Kalinagar, Temple of Ganesha, Darkhold

Synodia Lykouros, Wandslingers, Monocerene Races, Aliavelyrae, Erisian Liberation Front, Knights of the Round Table, Lightbringers, Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris, Reapers, Lord Questor, Mycenae, Corna, Temple, Valathyr, Temple of Discord, Courts of Chaos, Hell, Lzrelekoi, Temple of Ganesha, Darkhold, Kragathkul, Otan's Cave, Syllyac, Uvmothog

Questors of Axa, Wild Talents, Aligned, Corna, Jhan, Serpentina Tower, Sunken Cathedral, Camille, Losthaven, Saint Paedric's Monastery, Temple, Narn, Aumbrie, Mouth of Ugior, Camelot, Devonshire

Every character has an alignment, which represents the current tilt of their activities on a good/evil axis and an order/chaos axis. They also have a similar value for their ethics; the distinction between the two is that an ethical alignment represents a long-term commitment to the ideals embodied by the actions an alignment represents.

Correspondingly, ethics change more slowly than alignment. The major incentive for maintaining a particular alignment or ethos tends to be organizational; many guilds and associations impose codes of behavior on their members, and diverging too greatly from their ideals may be punished, or at least result in the weakening of the abilities they provide.

At present, the most direct way to change one's alignment and ethos is to defeat those of an opposing ethos. By purging them from the land, you improve your ethos's average adherence, which, although bloody, ultimately furthers its goals. This is not the only way -- and many among the good and chaotic inclined feel it is probably not even the best way. Still, these are troubled times, and one must be ready to take arms for one's cause.

The descriptions that correspond to each alignment or ethos are as follows, in order from weakest to strongest commitment.

            [ Good ]        [ Evil ]        [ Order ]       [ Chaos ]
           charitable      apathetic       disciplined     undisciplined
           kind            selfish         honorable       carefree
           empathic        cruel           responsible     uninhibited
           caring          malicious       trustworthy     free-spirited
           compassionate   despicable      scrupulous      anarchistic
           unsullied       corrupt         lawful          individualistic
           purehearted     wicked          structured      innovative
           beatific        demonic         patterned       spontaneous
           saintly         diabolical      ordered         chaotic

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