Eye Of The Bezhuldaar (Familiar Power)

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Familiar Power: Eye Of The Bezhuldaar

   Relevant Attributes: charisma
   Relevant Skills: necromancy

A Ranger who has one foot in the underworld -- and who manages to face a bezhuldaar and live to tell the tale -- can use a severed bezhuldaar's eyestalk much like a bezhuldaar does. Indeed, the power depends upon the Ranger's ability to channel the anger of a dead bezhuldaar through the severed eyestalk. The resulting blast will be of high effectiveness and have a similar nature as that eyestalk did for the living bezhuldaar.

To use this ability, 'will the anger of the dead at <target> through <eyestalk>'. Because the wills of the bezhuldaars channeled is incorporeal, it cannot be used to dominate a victim. This power uses entropic energy instead of spiritual energy. The power is extremely taxing on the eyestalk and will rapidly disintegrate it; the higher one's facility with this power, the less damage it will do and the longer the eyestalk will last.

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