Faerie Fire (Fey Ability)

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A peculiar fey talent is the ability to shift the naturally occurring fields of life energy around an individual so that they begin giving off light. This manifests in a flickering, shifting pattern resembling heatless flame, and is commonly called faerie fire. An individual limned with faerie fire, aside from giving off a glow, has a very distinct outline and makes a much better target, the moreso the darker the area. Some individuals object philosophically to taking advantage of a being's own life energies to aid in slaying it, and refuse to use faerie fire in this fashion; others are less concerned with the ethics of a battle and more concerned with winning it.


Awakening faerie fire is a fairly spiritually draining process, but once begun, the effect continues on its own until it expires naturally, requiring no further support on your part, though you can repeat the process to extend the time the effect will continue.


To use this ability, concentrate on creating or awakening faerie fire around your target.

Skill Relevance

three parts awareness, three parts evocation

Attribute Relevance

two parts intellect, two parts willpower two parts ego, one part perception

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