Ghost Arrow (Familiar Power)

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Familiar Power: Ghost Arrow (Familiar Power)

   Relevant Attributes: one part willpower and two parts charisma
   Relevant Skills: one part entropic affinity, two parts necromancy and
three parts enchanting

Familiars who have a foot in the world of the dead impart upon their Rangers the ability to indirectly convey the energies of that realm into foes: the Ranger can enchant ordinary arrows, making them extraordinarily deadly.

These have come to be known as ghost arrows, and those that use them are often persecuted as witches. To use this ability, 'will shadow into <item(s)>' -- more than one arrow may be targeted at once. Note that this ability does not draw on the Ranger's spell points or endurance, but rather the amount of entropic energy available to him. The primary way of gaining entropic energy is by hallowing the dead; see 'help hallow dead' for more information. The amount of damage a ghost arrow does on contact is a function of the archer's necromancy skill.

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