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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

"O mighty Hakkax, Hakkax of the awe-inspiring bulk, Hakkax of the profound fowlness! Aid me now!"

[ Hakkax ]

 [ Type                   : ] anomalous beast
 [ Portfolio              : ] the village of Togrek
 [ Disposition            : ] hungry
 [ Offerings Desired      : ] corpses
 [ Spirit Point Cost      : ] thirty to seventy
 [ Requirements to Invoke : ] worship Hakkax; have at least 130 points among theology skill, animal lore skill, livestock breeding skill 
   and 20% of Angrak skill; or be a member of the Togreknar culture
 [ General Information    : ] Many regard the orcs of Togrek as essentially insane for their worship of Hakkax, the giant chicken
   who lurks at the heart of their temple.  They are not as crazy as one might think.  Hakkax is an anomaly not merely for her
   size, but because she has the ability, unheard of among mortal beings, to serve as a focus and channel for the energies of
   worship and devotion that deities work with -- hence the fact that the priests of Hakkax are indeed capable of feats of
   priestly magick.  Much to the priests' liking, of course, is the fact that Hakkax lacks the cognizance of a true god, meaning
   the priests get to entirely run the show.  The properly educated ELF invoker, however, can take advantage of Hakkax's pool of
   divine energy in much the same way as her priests can.
The Spawn of Hakkax
The Spawn of Hakkax

Leolla here (//_o)

I've got uh, chickens. And chicken eggs. And a bone amulet (for not getting attacked on sight by orcs in Togrek).

She also can send iron keys, that open something in Togrek.

If Hakkax happens to be dead, nothing will happen.

   You have begun invoking Hakkax.

   You incant, .) ))  O mighty Hakkax, Hakkax of the awe-inshpiring bulk,
Hakkax of the profound fowlnesh!  Aid me now!  (( (. in sibilant Thari.

   Your invocation brings you only a strange feeling of emptiness, and you
note that, while you normally expect to feel spiritual energies flowing out of
you as part of the invocation, this does not seem to be occuring.

   Your invoking performance in invoking Hakkax was perfect.

End of spoiler information.
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