Hallow Remains (Empathic Bonds)

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Hallow Remains is the ability to convert the remains of dead creatures into more refined forms (in particular, extropic energy). The efficiency of this charm appears to be governed by the entropy affinity, thanaturgy, and mortuary skills. Enchantment skill may also be a factor.

Your character's maximum capacity for any given resource energy is determined by both its related affinity skill, and related magickal skill; in this case, entropic affinity and necromancy skills. Attributes affect this maximum also, to a small degree, e.g. 10 willpower appears to add 1 point of maximum.


This charm inflicts entropic damage on the consort when remains are hallowed; particularly with a large amount of remains, there can be great danger in activating this charm. This damage is mitigated (or even fully stopped, or turned healing) by entropy affinity or entropy resistance, and amplified by extropy affinity.


You need to be bonded to a familiar that makes use of esoteric energies and have a high enough bond to unlock this charm. This charm requires that some form of remains are present in your environment to be activated. Your familiar must also be present in your environment to activate this charm.


concentrate on the dead joining with death
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