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    Losthaven Guard:  Honor

    Honor, for the Losthaven Guard, is a singular word that actually accounts for a few different
factors that the guard leadership values.

    Primary among these values is duty.  Your main function as a member of the Losthaven Guard is
to defend the city from roaming attackers, keep the peace between citizens, and facilitate law and
order among the populace in general.  Your effectiveness and previous record of performing these
duties accounts for the largest part of your perceived honor among your peers and ranking officers. 

    No less important are the values of respect and discipline.  When you combine these two values
by displaying unerring respect to the members of your unit, and to your superior officers, while
mainting the sharp vigilence of a well-trained soldier you not only perform your job more fully,
but you gain the mutual respect of your peers; the benefits of which, both tangible and intangible,
are hard to deny.

    In moments of quiet repose you may think over the actions you have performed in the past and by
doing so perhaps gain some insight into how well you are honored among your peers.  To do so,
simply type 'think of my honor'.

think of my honor

   You think about your honor.

   You cannot do that while in combat.


   You think about your honor.

    You pause a moment and ponder how your past actions and deeds have affected your honor and
reputation and guess that you are mostly praiseworthy.
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