Inertia (Aligned Form)

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It is a principle of all entities that they tend to maintain their current course. Object continue in their patterns of motion or change; sick organisms get sicker and healthy ones get healthier. Of course, countervailing causes may overcome inertia, which is where this form comes in: actualization of this form upon an organism will try to capture and encourage its course over the next few seconds. If the target is injured, then his injuries will continue and worsen; if the target is healed, then his wounds will continue repairing. The portion of injury or healing inertially sustained increases with one's facility in this form.

Knowledge Requirement

physics skill of 100 or higher

Facility Formula

25% of ego plus 25% of enchantment skill plus 25% of physics skill plus 12.5% of lexiturgy skill plus 12.5% of symbology skill plus 5% of rune lore skill plus 5% of biology skill

Facility Range

148 to 395

Energy Costs

25 spiritual and 18 order

Process to Actualize

concentrate on capturing and continuing the trajectory of the bodily integrity of <target>

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