Invocation of axa's protection

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     Perform Invocation of Axa's Protection
     Questor of Axa Esoteric Maneuver
     Usage: perform invocation of axa's protection
     The forces of order and justice often face significant adversity and danger in carrying out
 Axa's wishes.  By invoking the Lawbringer and beseeching Her wisdom and protection, the questor
 may summon a field of protective light which reduces damage taken from most mundane forms of
 attack, as well as the powers used by the forces of Chaos.  If the questor has sufficient favor
 with Axa, the aura may also retaliate against those who strike Axa's chosen.  To dispel the aura,
 merely perform the invocation once more.  The aura will drain one's spiritual energies while
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