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3 Valien
We have finally finished moving out of the college's communal housing
into our own private residence.  I'm excited about finally having my 
own laboratory, but I don't know if I'll be able to finish setting it
up anytime soon -- Naira has kept me busy arranging and cataloguing all
the gifts from our wedding so that she can write thank-you notes.  I
don't mind terribly, however; it should only take another few days, 
and I enjoy the time we spend together working on it.  Once the laboratory 
is complete and the new semester begins, we won't see each other nearly
as often, so I want to savor these few days while I am able.  I did, 
however, sneak out and pick up the new alembic I've been meaning to acquire.

7 Valien
The housework is finally done, and the construction of my laboratory has
begun in earnest.  All of the equipment should be delivered by the end
of the day, and I should be able to resume my research by tomorrow morning.  
I can barely contain my excitement; if I can prove my theories, the creation
and synthesis of artificial blood should significantly increase the quality 
of medical care for those without access to magical healing.  However, my
progress will likely be slow at first; Naira seems to have come down with a 
cold, so the majority of the housework falls to me until she feels better.

22 Valien
The doctors and the priests claim they can do nothing.  Naira's condition has
continued to worsen; she spends most of each day in bed now.  The disease is
degenerative, but not dissimilar to the marrow corruption we studied in 
fall of my fifth year; a cure exists, but it is an alchemical solution too
unstable to transport long distances either normally or magickally.  My skills
at alchemy are not as great as my expertise with more refined biological 
magicks, but they should suffice to synthesize the cure here.  I need only
acquire the ingredients.  The doctors were wrong.  She will be fine.  
She must be fine.

3 Ysaril
The potion's base solution was not difficult to make.  I have begun creating
the element matrix required to hold the active agent in suspension.  The 
calculations consume hour after hour, each pinch of every ingredient measured
to the finest possible degree, and I often collapse exhausted in the 
laboratory at the end of each day.  Nothing matters.  The cure is everything.

5 Ysaril
The matrix is stable.  I need only one more ingredient to complete the potion: 
a rare herb, called Eliawort, which grows only in a small valley near the elven
city of Liathyr.  It should be an easy trip to their shops to purchase the
necessary quantity, but there is no time to waste.  I must leave immediately!

12 Ysaril
Here at last!  The city is larger than I expected, but the people seem friendly
enough.  I should have what I need shortly, then be on my way back.

13 Ysaril
This city is unbelievable!  I have spent two whole days here and the shop I 
need to visit has yet to open.  Do these people ever work?  I feel I was lucky 
to purchase a quick meal from a local tavern.  Would it be quicker to
search the countryside myself?  I shall ask a local if there are any guides
who might direct me to places where the herb grows.

15 Ysaril
Denied, once again!  I hired one of these preposterous elf nature-lovers to
guide me to find a small quantity of wild Eliwort, but in four hours of 
searching we found nary a sprig of the elusive plant.  I returned to the city 
just in time to discover that all the herb shops had been open, but had closed 
again before my return!  This is maddening!

18 Ysaril
At last!  The accursed shop finally opened.  In a rage, I stormed about,
haranguing the shopkeeper for his laziness.  The worthless lackwit overcharged 
me shamefully for a few sorry ounces of this wretched weed, but it matters not.
It will only take me a week to return, and then this ordeal will finally be 

25 Ysaril
The servants met me at the door, eyes downcast, and I already knew.  I was
too late.  She succumbed while I wasted day after day in my accursed quest,
chasing shopkeepers in a town full of fools! This is all their fault!  
Those lazy elves!  I will not rest until they meet justice for my wife's death!

4 Alystos
My wounds have mostly healed.  Though I managed to wound a few guards with 
my spells, they were able to force me to flee in short order without
accomplishing much.  One particular puncture to my lung continues to plague
me with a cough that will not go away.  No matter.  I will turn to my
previous studies in sanguiphrasty.  Surely, I can make myself more resistant
to the weapons of pathetic elves.

17 Alystos
This magic is new to me.  My body aches almost constantly now, but the pure
magicks of the blood are not enough.  I need a more primal energy for the
binding, something which is beyond life or death.  I have stolen a tome of
the lore of the fomori from the library, but concentrating on it is difficult;
the cough plagues me at all hours, and my limbs become weak.  I must find a
way to eliminate these hindrances.

7 Rozgayn
Success -- I have done it.  My body is entirely liquid now, unburdened by
such weaknesses as bones or flesh, and it bends and flows entirely according
to my will.  Moreover, any blood near me can become corrupted by my essence,
responding to my desires as if it were my own.  Let those pitiful fools try
their pathetic swords upon me now; once I master these new abilities, I will 
be truly unstoppable.  However, even these new abilities do not suffice;
I will need more than merely my own power to destroy an entire city.

11 Rozgayn
My research into thanaturgic forces has yielded a particularly helpful result:
I have learned how to raise the dead.  Not true life, of course, merely a
semblance...but they suffice for my purposes.  And yet...I think I can achieve 
something more.

2 Blayhrr
I have waited long enough.  I have mastered my new abilities and I have an
undead army to support me.  My knowledge of spellcasting approaches that of 
an archmagus; I can wreak ten times the devastation I was capable of upon
my last assault.  Onward, my undead army!  It is time for Liathyr to fall!
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