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The lattice structure of crystals is the basis for all true solids. Objects without such lattice are either not objects at all, existing more as a transient liquid or gaseous mass, or better thought of as slow-moving liquids. Further, crystalline structure, while inorganic, can to some extent maintain itself (and is sometimes thought to be at the root of or closely related to organic structure for this reason). An adept minerologist or jeweler can take the bits of a crystal as a basis for generating a much larger one. This form uses this physical process as a basis for a magickal one. One takes an existent lattice as a seed and refines it into a raw order or structure that is fungible enough to integrate with and permanently enchant another object. The object containing the original crystalline structure is destroyed by this process.

Knowledge Requirement

one of

physics skill of 95 or higher, mineral lore skill of 65 or higher, gem lore skill of 30 or higher or cosmology skill of 175 or higher

Facility Formula

25% of intelligence plus 50% of lexiturgy skill plus 25% of hylophrasty skill plus 5% of enchanting skill.

Facility Rating

0 to 310

Energy Costs

250 spiritual

Process to Actualize

think about the lattice within <gem or other crystal> as a seed for crystallization within <target>

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