Lens of Dreams (Empathic Bonds)

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  • According to change 7504, a lot of variety has been added to the lens.

The lens of dreams is an ability granted by oneirhetoi to their consorts. It allows a form of non-conceptual-navigation based short-range teleportation, as well as other benefits. The lens of dreams can enhance your perception and improve your general combat prowess, but may dazzle and distract you with vivid and occasionally nightmarish visions. Consumes about 150 spirit to activate. Lens of dreams will grant a random amount of night vision, light sensitivity, and astral perception, which will change periodically ("You reel as the world of dreams suddenly shifts around you, altering your perceptions unpredictably."). Light sensitivity is granted in addition to that granted from night vision, so it will tend to be quite high.


Start looking through the lens of dreams:

imagine the world of dreams overlapping the real world

Stop looking through the lens of dreams:

imagine the world of dreams fading away

Review visions of one's path (consumes 0.1 oneiric energy):

seek visions of places remembered

Return to a remembered place:

return to <#>

Mark a place as important (consumes 0.1 oneiric energy as of change 7512):
This becomes available in "resilient" bond strength. It adds one's current location to one's path -- otherwise the path might skip it.

mark my current location as important

Lacuna of Dream-Time:
This becomes available at "intimate" bond strength. It speeds one and slow's one's enemies in combat.

focus my will on making dreams real


This charm must be active to enable the special combat maneuvers of the oneirheton bond. It also grants situational awareness at some point before or during resilient.

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