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St. Paedric's Monastery

    |       ^
  x-x-x     x
    |       ^
    x       x x
            | |
    5--4  x-x-x
    v  |  |X|X|
    x  x~~3-!-x-2-1-x-x-*         
    v     |X|X|
    x     x-x-x
    |       |
    x       x
    +       |
    #       x


—,X,|,\,/: Walkable path
^>v<: Arrows down
~: Inwards
x: Room with nothing special about it
*: Entrance to the Monastery from Cimbra
+: Granite door
#: Crypt
!: Old Fountain
%: Well of Souls
1: Gate
2: Monastery entrance
3: Chapel entrance
4: Altar
5: Sacristy
6: Library

Coordinates: Cimbra (-15, 18,0) & Global (-25, 99, 0)

Currently 98% Explored - Lemme know if you figure out where the other 2% are!

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


Located in plains, but terrain inside the locale is a broadleaf forest; paths are trails before you reach the gate. Lots of demonic acolytes etc., enormous raven, few rats...light sources are useful. Reading a book in the library increased my legend lore and theology skills. St. Brendan is in the crypt to the west of the Well of Souls and Krythe is in the Well of Souls, which it totally a demon tavern. XD

Many thanks to Cenon for telling me there was a key ('heavy iron key') in the old fountain (!) and also that there were things relating to the Demon Lord Krythe around.

End of spoiler information.

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