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The ability to elude or escape capture is immense value, and not only practically, for confidence that one can achieve one's goals without being thwarted or imprisoned raises one's character and ambitions to that extent. This form was discovered by the Trueborn Alexandra, one of the oldest recorded Aligned, during a period of imprisonment. It offers the Aligned who can actualize it tremendous power and security: it manifests a mask that affords one an almost ghost-like form, making one intangible and invisible. The enchantment is primarily illusory, and it will break if one enters combat (but quickly reestablish itself once combat ends).

Like all Aligned armour manifestations, it will last either until banished, until one no longer has the order energy to maintain it, or until one disincarnates. To banish a mask, concentrate on returning the form within it to a potential state.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 140 points among

10% of Kyotsugo skill, 50% of elude pursuit skill, and calligraphy skill

and have at least 100 quest points

Facility Formula

15% of ego plus 15% of intelligence plus 25% of lexiturgy skill plus 25% of calligraphy skill plus 10% of conjuration skill plus 10% of enchantment skill plus 10% of elude pursuit skill plus 10% of kyotsugo skill

Facility Range

204 to 350

Energy Costs

100 spiritual and 25 order

Process to Actualize

visualize the kanji for escape


Depending on how you got here, you may have already been exposed to a spoiler tag, but there are ways to get here without, so it's just here in case you're not prepared; I'm going to potentially spoil something about Perfection ratings:

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

At 100% perfection, wearing your mask will make you invisible and intangible as one would expect, however, it will also remove one from the Who listing and will hide you from being shown as incarnate on a Whois search.

End of spoiler information.
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