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Mimesis is a very general phenomenon and there are many ways to approach it, but due to the visualization which serves as the basis for its actualization, this form is typically classed as artifactual. Mimesis is a striving for faithful imitation, and it occurs frequently in nature -- in biologically advantageous mimicry -- and in anthropic civilization -- in the form of all manner of learning and art. It can also be taken to reflect a deeper metaphysical principle: that like causes like. This form is a sum of all of these instances of mimesis, and mimesis itself is a summative principle of the harmony and interconnection of all elements of the universe. The actualization of this form is expressed as a flurry of motes of light that surround the actualizing Aligned. These are colloquially known as "mimetic motes" to those Aligned who frequently use this form, which is a great many Aligned. This motes have a receptive principle in them that allows them to be impressed by any number of different kinds of energy exchanges. An impressed mote can then be called upon to duplicate that energy exchange. In practice what this most often means is that an unimpressed mote will create a copy in itself of an energy discharge used in combat, from a spell or some other esoteric form of attack. The impressed version of this attack can then be executed by the Aligned.

There are several things to note about this capacity. The first is the number of energy exchanges that can be stored: each mote can store one exchange. The number of motes that manifest is a function of one's facility with this form. Secondly, one cannot, for whatever reason, get a mote to impress with an attack that one has initiated or otherwise caused. Thirdly, the impression is not perfect. It gets more perfect as one's facility increases, but it will always be somewhat weaker than the original. Every time one uses the impressed principles, it degrades somewhat more, until the impression fades altogether. As one might expect, more intense and powerful principles will take longer to degrade. Fourthly, the intensity and complexity of the principles that one can store in a mote is a function of one's facility with the form. Fifthly, the energy one must expend to give the impressed principle impetus is ordered energy, in proportion to the intensity and complexity of the stored form. The required quantity is typically somewhere between 5 and 20 points, but for more intense principles it can be higher. Finally, the one's ability in telesmatic weapons is principally responsible for the precision with which one can direct impressed energies. There are other nuances and subtleties of impressed principles that one must learn with practice, particularly what kinds of energy exchanges can and cannot be mimetically impressed, which is a somewhat unpredictable and fickle matter.

Knowledge Requirement

one of

acting of 25 or higher, mimicry of 25 or higher, physics of 75 or higher, biology of 75 or higher, philosophy of 75 or higher or metaphysics of 75 or higher

Facility Formula

20% of intelligence plus 5% of ego plus 20% of lexiturgy plus 5% of enchantment plus 60% of philosophy, 60% of biology, 60% of physics, 75% of metaphysics, 75% of acting, or 75% of mimicry, whichever is highest

Facility Range

40 to 350

Energy Costs

125 spiritual

Process to Actualize

visualize two facing mirrors


When one has mimetic motes present, one can exercise control over it with concentration.

Concentrate on the mimetic principles within the motes around me
will give you a list of the motes that one has impressed and some sense of the nature of the impressed principle.
Concentrate on erasing the mimetic impression within mote <number>
will wipe the impression within that mote clean.
Concentrate on releasing any mimetic principle at <target/"my opponent">
will release one of the stored principles at a specified target or one's current primary opponent.
Typically the weakest stored principle is selected for this operation, as they are more readily available and less energetically demanding.
Concentrate on releasing the mimetic principle within mote <number> at <target/"my opponent">
will release the principle within the specified mote at one's target or one's current primary opponent.


  • Keeping the mimetic motes manifest gradually drains one's spiritual energy. To dispel the field, execute the same procedure required to manifest it.
  • This form is necessary to use antiphase
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