Nachthla (ELF Invocation)

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"Tibi, magnum Aranaeformis, signa stellarum nigrarum et carnem potentis propter gratiam!"

 [ Type                   : ] lloigor
 [ Portfolio              : ] predation
 [ Disposition            : ] bemused
 [ Offerings Desired      : ] corpses of the strong
 [ Spirit Point Cost      : ] seventy-five to one hundred five
 [ Requirements to Invoke : ] have been in the presence of Nachthla, worship Nachthla,
or elder lore skill of 185 or higher
 [ General Information    : ] Nachthla is the embodiment of predation, and is thought to be the
progenitor of all spiders.  Nachthla is invoked primarily for a coating of an eldritch liquid.
This liquid has the effect of eliminating the effects of virtually any armour of anyone involved
in combat with its possessor, including the possessor hirself.  The only way to remove this film
is to invoke Nachthla again.  Nachthla is a decided detached and alien being, and though it has
never been known to punish an invoker directly, it does seem fickle as to whether or not to provide
its liquid -- and whether or not to take it away.

Xaolyn here! Now here's where things get *really* fun! Invoking her gives you something real neat, an "ocelthi nachtele"! Like the information says, it makes combat real fun for you, armor doesn't work! At all! Well, maybe in some ways, but one thing it *won't* be doing is protecting you, or your opponents, or anyone involved! It's survival of the fittest, hope you brought your a-game. That does mean you're gonna whang up your limbs if you don't use weapons, even with a parageos, but if you're beefy enough, you can manage. Now go out there and beat up some dudes who hide behind protection! Oh right, the ocelthi lasts indefinitely until taken away with another invocation, so make sure you plan around that!

You examine Nachthla through your clear glass lens of analysis:
   This is a titanic spider apparently composed of some shimmering substance, sometimes seeming only half-real, sometimes giving a 
terrifying impression of being infinitely more real than its surroundings.  You recognize it as the manifest form of Nachthla, one 
of the unspeakably ancient lloigor.  Its habit of assuming the form of a tremendous spider is well-known, though its reasons for 
doing so are not.  It is likewise known for surrounding itself with arachnoid beings in the lairs it sometimes inhabits; some
obscure accounts hold that Nachthla is the ultimate progenitor of all spiderkind, and looks through all of their myriad eyes, 
studying the world for inscrutable and horrifying purposes.  It appears to be composed of an intense, vibrant shimmering radiance.  
It is permeated by an intense, vibrant sparkling light.  It looks about six hundred eighty-five dimins long, six hundred 
eighty-five dimins wide, and two hundred thirty dimins tall.  It is in good shape.
   After a moment, the knowledge that Nachthla is composed of nearly one hundred percent quintessence, less than one percent logos, 
and less than one percent maya drifts into your mind like a long-forgotten memory.
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