Noctilucent mist (Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris spell)

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> Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris Spell: Noctilucent Caligo

   Common Name: Noctilucent Mist
   Knowledge Requirement: have at least 210 points among 100% of thaumaturgy skill, 100% of klimaphrasty skill, and 50% of enchantment skill
   Summary: visibility enhancement

This spell conjures a noctilucent mist that hangs in the air for a time. The mist works by diffusing an enchanted piece of moonlit cloud through the area. In generally its effect is to make things more visible. It works to magickally supplant the vision of all present, allowing them to see even through blindness or absolute darkness. It also quickly seeps into and clings to everyone present, causing them to be surrounded by a halo of noctilucent light that outlines them and makes them considerably easier targets. A noctilucent halo also exposes the invisible. The halo will last as long as the affected remains in the noctilucent mist; away from the mist, a halo will fade in relatively short order.

   1) speaking the winds
       Type: Speech
       Importance: minor, optional
       Difficulty: very easy
       Skills: Enochian (dominant) and vocalization (small)
   2) the opening of the way
       Type: Praxis
       Importance: minor, optional
       Difficulty: very easy
       Skills: thaumaturgy, evocation, and ergiphrasty
   3) drawing the wind essences
       Type: Gesture
       Importance: greater
       Difficulty: moderate
       Skills: prestidigitation
   4) calming tides of the moon
       Type: Praxis
       Importance: great
       Difficulty: hard
       Skills: thaumaturgy, enchantment, and klimaphrasty

Development Information: This spell was created by Twilight and is maintained by Starhound; the source code was last updated Fri Oct 06 00:47:34 2017.

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