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Note: This content may be out of date in unknown ways. As of 2020-01-04, it claimed to grant Nooparallelism, which did not match the file as confirmed by Benerius.



 This is a curiously airborne octopus which seems to find the realms beyond the seas strangely convival.  She sparkles 
with a small faintly shimmering olive dweomer aura.  She has a webwork of sparkling light within and around her.  She 
looks about three and three twentieths dimins across and six and a quarter dimins long.  She weighs about forty-eight 
and three fifths dekans.  She is in good shape.

Bonding Requirements

 [OOC Marcosy] ([
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Condition_Skill_Composite                       : 150,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Psychology                                : 0.5,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Aquatic_Fieldcraft                        : 0.5,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Stealth                                   : 0.5,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Elder_Lore                                : 0.3,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Physics                                   : 0.3,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Elude_Pursuit                             : 0.3,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Mathematics                               : 0.1,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Rune_Lore                                 : 0.1,
 [OOC Marcosy]             ]),
 [OOC Marcosy] there are a shitton of other very arbitrary things that get checked too

Cthulhu and/or his island seems to be involved, but killing him isn't needed. Mental disorders might also be part of it (since i got them while discovering the Big C).

  • Failure

You sense a fearful refusal from the flying male octopus along with a sense that he feels that you do not understand the complexities and subtleties of his environment.

  • Imagine

You imagine what it would be like to have a deep bond with the flying male octopus, and you feel a distinct echo from within him. You experience feelings of caution, fear, intelligence, alienness, and solitude. You experience visions of writhing tentacles, abyssal depths, and distant light within darkness.

Bond Notes

  • Rare octopods are able to breathe air and fly

Specialty access

  • Directly after bonding, this was the specialty access granted:
Acting +3
Awareness +3
Aquatic fieldcraft +4
Breath control +1
Calligraphy +1
Centering +1
Channeling +1
Chromatostasis +2
Combat reflexes +1
Conjuration +1
Critical thinking +3
Dodge +1
Elder lore +2
Elude pursuit +3
Enchanting +1
Escape +3
Fishing +1
Imagination +2
Intelligence Analysis +1
Introspection +2
Legerdemain +3
Lockpicking +2
Logistics +1
Manipulation +1
Martial arts +2
Memory +3
Metacreativity +1
Metapsychology +1
Metasenses +2
Painting +2
Physics +5
Prestidigitation +3
Psychokinesis +3
Psycholeptesis +1
Quickness +1
Recuperation +1
Redaction +2
Rune lore +3
Shorelands fieldcraft +1
Somatesthesia +2
Stealth +4
Swimming +4
Symbology +1
Telepathy +1
Telesmatic weapons +2
Translocation +1
Wrestling +2

Traits Granted


Enhancement Charms

Utility Charms

Special Attacks

  • Ink Spit (very healthy)
Usage: perform ink spit [at <target>]
Typical Activity Cost: 22
Excrete a blob of poisonous ink into one's mouth to spit at an opponent, with a strong chance of blinding them.
  • Befuddling Purge (deep)
Usage: perform befuddling purge [at <target>]
Typical Activity Cost: 22
Vomit the contents of one's stomach onto one's foe, dissolving and potentially disorienting them.  This attack 
may benefit from your affinities.
  • Sinister Rune (nearly complete)
Usage: perform sinister rune [at <target>]
Typical Activity Cost: 22
Evoke the power of a sinister rune to summon a terrifying rift to poison and enfeeble one's foe.  This attack 
fills one with fear, and cannot be used if one's fear level is too high.
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