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Note: This content may be out of date in unknown ways. As of 2020-01-04, it claimed to grant Nooparallelism, which did not match the file as confirmed by Benerius.



 This is a curiously airborne octopus which seems to find the realms beyond the seas strangely convival.  She sparkles 
with a small faintly shimmering olive dweomer aura.  She has a webwork of sparkling light within and around her.  She 
looks about three and three twentieths dimins across and six and a quarter dimins long.  She weighs about forty-eight 
and three fifths dekans.  She is in good shape.

Bonding Requirements

 [OOC Marcosy] ([
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Condition_Skill_Composite                       : 150,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Psychology                                : 0.5,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Aquatic_Fieldcraft                        : 0.5,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Stealth                                   : 0.5,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Elder_Lore                                : 0.3,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Physics                                   : 0.3,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Elude_Pursuit                             : 0.3,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Mathematics                               : 0.1,
 [OOC Marcosy]                 Skill_Rune_Lore                                 : 0.1,
 [OOC Marcosy]             ]),
 [OOC Marcosy] there are a shitton of other very arbitrary things that get checked too
IMPORTANT: You can visit and lens Cthulhu, have numerous mental disorders and have all the skills above with the 150 from modified or unmodified and you STILL may not be able to bond it. So there are other factors that people have lucked into that allowed them to do so.

Identifying Cthulhu and having a mental disorder are also integral to the bonding process. A flying, air-breathing octopus spawns somewhat reliably in the Leah's Hill undercity, but you may have to chop your way through the dregs of society that are also down there find it. It's also possible that they will have chopped their way through the octopus, so if you don't see one, try it again later.

  • Failure

You sense a fearful refusal from the flying male octopus along with a sense that he feels that you do not understand the complexities and subtleties of his environment.

  • Imagine

You imagine what it would be like to have a deep bond with the flying male octopus, and you feel a distinct echo from within him. You experience feelings of caution, fear, intelligence, alienness, and solitude. You experience visions of writhing tentacles, abyssal depths, and distant light within darkness.

Bond Notes

  • Rare octopods are able to breathe air and fly

Specialty access

  • Directly after bonding, this was the specialty access granted:
Acting +3
Awareness +3
Aquatic fieldcraft +4
Breath control +1
Calligraphy +1
Centering +1
Channeling +1
Chromatostasis +2
Combat reflexes +1
Conjuration +1
Critical thinking +3
Dodge +1
Elder lore +2
Elude pursuit +3
Enchanting +1
Escape +3
Fishing +1
Imagination +2
Intelligence Analysis +1
Introspection +2
Legerdemain +3
Lockpicking +2
Logistics +1
Manipulation +1
Martial arts +2
Memory +3
Metacreativity +1
Metapsychology +1
Metasenses +2
Painting +2
Physics +5
Prestidigitation +3
Psychokinesis +3
Psycholeptesis +1
Quickness +1
Recuperation +1
Redaction +2
Rune lore +3
Shorelands fieldcraft +1
Somatesthesia +2
Stealth +4
Swimming +4
Symbology +1
Telepathy +1
Telesmatic weapons +2
Translocation +1
Wrestling +2

Traits Granted


Enhancement Charms

Utility Charms

Special Attacks

  • Ink Spit (very healthy)
Usage: perform ink spit [at <target>]
Typical Activity Cost: 22
Excrete a blob of poisonous ink into one's mouth to spit at an opponent, with a strong chance of blinding them.
  • Befuddling Purge (deep)
Usage: perform befuddling purge [at <target>]
Typical Activity Cost: 22
Vomit the contents of one's stomach onto one's foe, dissolving and potentially disorienting them.  This attack 
may benefit from your affinities.
  • Sinister Rune (nearly complete)
Usage: perform sinister rune [at <target>]
Typical Activity Cost: 22
Evoke the power of a sinister rune to summon a terrifying rift to poison and enfeeble one's foe.  This attack 
fills one with fear, and cannot be used if one's fear level is too high.
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