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[ Type                   : ] god
[ Portfolio              : ] wisdom, foresight, sorcery, death
[ Disposition            : ] dour
[ Offerings Desired      : ] runed items, opponents slain in battle
[ Spirit Point Cost      : ] thirty to sixty
[ Requirements to Invoke : ] worship Odin or have at least 200 points among 100% of theology
  skill, 100% of rune lore skill, 20% of law skill, 20% of legend lore skill, 20% of 
  arcane lore skill, 20% of poetry skill, and 20% of strategy skill
[ General Information    : ] Odin is a complex and subtle god, ruler of the Aesir and possessed 
  of many attributes. Though he is in many ways a giver of law, he has a trickster aspect that makes 
  him more sympathetic to a Discordian invoker than might otherwise be expected.  He is a fine source 
  of esoteric knowledge, and may gift a supplicant with one of the sleipnir, the eight-legged horses 
  he keeps.  He has been known to provide a protective shroud of souls from the underworld when
  offered with the corpse of a crow.
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