One in Many (Aligned Form)

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One in Many

     It is an underlying principle of all cognition that many can be treated as one: when 
 one classifies or judges, one relates the subject to many other objects via a predicate 
 that subsumes them all.  This form allows one to leverage this logical principle to 
 metaphysical effect: one can magickally reify an essential predicate of a thing and 
 duplicate the subject token qua predicate type.  The operation involves elementary logic, 
 as well as a considerably less elementary esthetic, calligraphic kanji that serves as a 
 door to grasping the relevant essence.  A new token created with this form is a 
 manifestation.  It will not be able to be retokened, it will not always be a perfect 
 duplication, and it will last only so long as one as incarnate.  
     There is a base spiritual cost for actualizing this form at all, and then an 
 additional cost in order energy based upon the value of the seed.  It also takes order 
 energy to maintain a duplicate token.  The energy it takes to maintain a small number of 
 tokens is fairly trivial, but it gets increasingly difficult to maintain the manifestation 
 of each additional duplicate.
     Note also that certain items are not able to be retokened in the first place.  The 
 most common sort of resistance one encounters is from artifacts of great power or other 
 items of sufficient uniqueness such that they are essentially individuals more than they 
 are types.  It is also generally impossible to duplicate any kind of transient enchantment 
 or manifestation: the seed must be to some degree independently enduring.  There are other 
 sorts of exceptions that are not general knowledge that often frustrate Aligned who rely 
 heavily on this power.  And, as one might imagine, many Aligned do.  This form provides an 
 inexhaustible font of many resources given only a small base quantity: food, fire, 
 clothing, armaments, and even many sorts of restorative potions and other beneficial one-
 off magickal items.
     To view all the items you are actively actualizing (as well as all active forms more generally), 
think about the objects you are actively actualizing. To release a duplicated token selectively, 
concentrate on returning the form within it to a potential state.  To release them all at once, one may 
use the form Flux.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 40 points in calligraphy skill

and have at least 80 points among

philosophy skill and 10% of metaphysics skill

Actualization Requirement

have at least 60 points among

50% of symbology skill and 100% of calligraphy skill

and logic skill of 25 or higher

Facility Formula

15% of intellect plus 10% of ego plus 20% of lexiturgy skill plus 15% of symbology skill plus 15% of hylophrasty skill plus 15% of calligraphy skill plus 15% of conjuration skill plus 5% of logic skill

Facility Rating

68 to 505

Energy Costs

50 spiritual

Process to Actualize

visualize the kanji that represents the essential type for which <target> is a token

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