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A celestial orbit is the most perfect kind of trajectory, in that it is eternal and cyclical, and even and circular. This fact serves as the basis for conjuring ammunition as suitable as possible for launch into a trajectory, that is, arrows to be used in bows. If one is wielding a bow that is empty of ammunition, this arrow will manifest nocked and ready in the bow. Otherwise, it will appear in one's inventory. The arrows are largely enchanted and thus extremely light; however, for reasons poorly understood, their substantial component is composed of solidified amber, causing them to almost always shatter on contact.

Like all Aligned weapon manifestations, it will last either until banished, until one no longer has the order energy to maintain it, or until one disincarnates. To banish an arrow, concentrate on returning the form within it to a potential state.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 100 points among

10% of weapon lore skill, 50% of archery skill and 100% of physics skill

Facility Formula

15% of ego plus 15% of intelligence plus 22.5% of lexiturgy skill plus 25% of physics skill plus 5% of conjuration plus 5% of enchantment plus 22.5% of weapon lore skill

Facility Range

136 to 350

Energy Costs

5 spiritual and 1 order

Process to Actualize

think about the trajectory required for an arrow to break into orbit

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