Panther (Empathic Bond)

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Bonding Requirements

The failure message implies that some torture skill is required - 60 even.

Much like Tigers, Panthers can be found in the jungles of Tenochlan and the northern wasteland of Gardagh.

Known Abilities

The panther is a dangerous predatory feline native to the cliffsides of Calais and Andala, and is a very capable combatant with its claws and teeth. It breathes air, has a carnivorous diet, and can see in the dark.

Combat Bonuses

The panther grants its consort an intrinsic bonus to attack ratings equal to the consort's Qlippotic Affinity skill, Jungle Fieldcraft, and one-half of Stealth skill. A damage bonus is also applied, equal to two times the consort's Torture skill. This effect applies to all attacks with all weapons and unarmed skill. Your familiar must be present in your environment to grant these bonuses. Note: the bonus is NOT applied to thrown weapons.

The panther also grants bonuses to dodge rating and deflection ratings equal to the consort's Qlippotic Affinity, Jungle Fieldcraft, and one-half of Stealth skills.

Petting the familiar

You pet Jet with your left hand.
You sense dark energies flowing from Jet's body into your spirit.

This provides a temporary bonus to crushing resistance, cutting resistance, piercing resistance, sephirotic resistance, and qlippotic affinity. It also restores one spell point.

Sahasrara Chakra

The panther grants its consort the Sahasrara (violet) chakra, which provides a large bonus to willpower and luck, numerous skill bonuses, and grants the Wingless Flight trait when fully charged.

Attribute Modifications

Being bonded to a panther gives the consort a very large bonus to willpower, a large bonus to strength, and moderate bonuses to vitality, agility and ego.

Skill Bonuses






Initially the panther grants the following charm:

Shortly after (5%):

At "somewhat frail":

At the middle of "fairly healthy" bond strength:

  • Convert spiritual energy into qlippotic resource energy
  • Blacktouch, infuse qlippotic energy into small thrown projectiles such as darts and shuriken

Additional Bonuses and Powers

Traits granted

Somewhat Frail - 1 point of the Algopoeia trait

The panther, like many feline familiars, grants its consort a moderate luck bonus that scales with bond strength -- possibly just coming from the chakra but in any case, available to the character.

At around the middle of "somewhat frail" bond strength, a point of the astral perception trait is granted, and grows as the bond evolves.

Around the middle of "very healthy" bond strength, a point of night vision is granted. If the character has the light sensitivity trait, it will be worsened.

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