Poison and Nectar (Aligned Form)

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Poison and Nectar

The proper attitude towards mortality is to view it as a limitation from which strength can be drawn. One's eventual demise is inevitable, but temporary nature of one's life let's one use it to gain certain kinds of wisdom otherwise unobtainable. When one learns to adopt this attitude and express it within a kanji, one can actualize this form and magickally realize a more enlightened state via a chakra.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 100 points among

calligraphy skill and 50% of Kyotsugo skill

and have at least 175 points among

philosophy skill and symbology skill

Facility Formula

15% of ego plus 15% of intelligence plus 15% of willpower plus 20% of enchantment skill plus 20% of centering skill plus 10% of lexiturgy skill plus 10% of philosophy skill plus 10% of symbology skill

Additional Requirements

resistance to temporal damage of lower than 100

Facility Range

204 - 450

Energy Costs

50 order

Process to Actualize Form

visualize the kanji for mortality

Chakra Affected

Vishuddha (intelligence)

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