Polar Bear (Empathic Bond)

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   This is a male polar bear with white fur and light brown eyes.
   He looks about eighteen and a half dimins long, four and seven tenths
   dimins wide, and nine and seven twentieths dimins tall.  

Associated with feelings of immensity, ferocity, strength and hardiness.

Bond Failure Message

You sense that the elder white male polar bear senses some suppressed timidity within you, causing him to quickly lose interest in forming a bond with you.

Bonding Requirements

One was bonded with 91 intimidation, 98 courage, 98 massive blow and 99 killer instinct. Another at 71 intimidation, 95 courage, 135 massive blow and 67 killer instinct.

Known Abilities

Attribute Modifications

The consort will gain a bonus to their Strength and Vitality equal to their bond strength.

Around very healthy the consort will gain 1 point of Berserkergang.
A second point of Berserkergang is granted at deep.
A third point of Berserkergang is granted at nearly complete.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Hardiness 16 37.5 + 5% base
Killer Instinct 16 37.5 + 5% base
Massive Blow 16 37.5 + 5% base
Massive Exertion 16 37.5 + 5% base
Tenacity 15 37.5
Arctic Fieldcraft 12 30
Intimidation 12 30
Load Bearing 12 30
Pain Tolerance 12 30
Stamina 12 30
Steadiness 12 30
Wrestling 12 30
Armour Use 8 20
Combat Reflexes 8 20
Impact Absorption 8 20
Resilience 8 20
Somatesthesia 8 20
Cold Tolerance 5 12.5
Cutting Resistance 4 10


At Bonding

During Very Frail

Near the end of Very Frail



Bond Strength For Which the Above Information is Current


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