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Ringwielders: Totally Not At All Like Those Guys from That One Book.

Starting out

Starting as a Level 1 RW: One Does Not Simply Walk into Yevath to Hand Ahrikol a Job Application

Don't fucking join RW off the bat like some clueless chump. You'll have shit for trainers and won't know the first thing to do to not be killing rats in the sewers for the next 20 levels. Plus, your ring will suck for ages and you'll end up an incel or some shit. Just stop.

Okay, but I really want to be a Ringwielder

Yes, but do the Ringwielders really want you? Do you have any qualifications? How do you feel about weekly team meetings? Can you hit the ground running, or will we have to train you somehow? We do have some entry-level positions, but I really must warn you, they get all the bitch assignments and next to no support from Home Office. Don't like it? Go to college first or something.

Look, Ahrikol needs you to have at least 30 quest points anyhow (or 60 for goblinoids because the world fucking hates you and you should reroll as something better), so go get some training under your belt in a guild that doesn't have awful trainers and minimal significant opportunities for ticking skills below certain thresholds. Get some accomplishments under your belt that will increase your ring capacity so you'll be able to start out with more runes on your ring than just aerinax and ispiri (not that you should waste ring space on either). Here are some suggestions:

How I Spent My Summer, or: 10 Things to Do before Pledging Your Eternal Fealty to a Dark Lord.

#1 - Eat, Pray, Love: It can be pretty difficult to find the right work/life balance once you join RWs (especially once you hit undeath and the whole 'life' part goes away completely), so any psychic awakening is probably best done before you come onboard. Please confine any drug use to off-duty hours. In any event, your runes use telesmic skills, which lower psychic awakening chances. Act accordingly.

#2 - Join a Greek Organization: A solid education is the cornerstone of the bridge to success. Wait, do bridges have cornerstones? Fuck, who knows? Ask a civil engineer. You're going to college to drink a lot and to become an initiate into mystical rites that are mostly excuses to drink more. Yes, you'll have to study, but at least you can sit in the library and do that for the most part, which you can't really do in RWs much since corporate trainers are always the worst. Sure, you might not get along with all of your Fraters and Sorors, but the connections you make will last a lifetime.

#3 - Do Some Civic Service: You need quest points to join, so do some quests. This really... Well, it really shouldn't need to be said, but here we are. Some runes have certain quests as prerequisites, and the more quest points you have the more runespace you end up with. There's really no big drawback to doing quests.

#4 - Stop and Smell the Roses: You lose your sense of smell after becoming undead. But at least this makes bean night at the Citadel a little more tolerable.

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