Preposterous Daybreak (Aligned Form)

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Preposterous Daybreak

This strange form is titled after the chosen name of the first nyloc to be its recipient. It is strange for several reasons. One is that it does not appear to have been, at least originally, the result of any alignment magick. The magician who enchanted Preposterous Daybreak was not Aligned, and Daybreak himself was not magickally inclined in the slightest. Two, it is unclear how or why the forces with Hanoma that enable alignment magicks would ever come to affect nylocs, which are not only not native to Hanoma, but have never, as far as is known, been a part of its history in any way.

Nevertheless, when Unseen Unity, a wandering nyloc Aligned painter, met Daybreak, sie was struck by the sheer beauty of light and form that nyloc displayed, and became immediately empowered by alignment magicks to duplicate the enchantment sie saw within hirself. The enchantment is something of a reversal of the nature of nylocs, but in a way that somehow enhances their bodies essences with additional principles without diminishing the principles innate within the race. That is, alongside the principle of cold, eskaric shadow that comprises the core of every nyloc, this form actualizes a warm, helioextropic principle to exist alongside it.

In addition to attuning the nyloc to a host of new affinities, it greatly alters its bodily nature. First and most obviously, it changes its nature to be less tenebrescent, even to the point of being luminescent -- intensely so. Along with this, the nyloc will lose some of its night vision, light sensitivity, and heliocausticity, making it very easy for the nyloc to subsist in broad daylight, thus completely breaking free of the limitations of its natural racial niche. And finally, the nyloc will find its vitality enhanced in many ways: it will have increased stamina, more rapid healing, and generally augmented constitution. Increased facility with this form will result in more dramatic and intense effects for all of its aspects.

While some of these changes are plainly beneficial, others are not, and the few nyloc who become Aligned often use this form rarely, or never, preferring their natural form that allows them to operate so well in their beloved shadows. Unity hirself, however, actualized a helioextropic principle frequently, and doing so allowed hir to greatly expand hir travels and artistic pursuits.

Keeping a helioextropic principle within oneself taxes one's order energy, albeit not very heavily. To release the principle, execute the same procedure required to actualize it.

Knowledge Requirement

be a nyloc

Facility Formula

15% of willpower plus 15% of vitality plus 10% of ego plus 10% of intellect plus 15% of enchantment skill plus 15% of lexiturgy skill plus 7.5% of painting skill plus 22.5% of shadow affinity skill plus 22.5% of somatesthesia skill

Facility Rating

94 to 405

Energy Costs

100 spiritual

Process to Actualize

visualize a radiant sunrise over a dark forest

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