Prince Avryx's Rescue

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Standard Information

Prince Avryx of Yathryn, son of Regent Coluathnn, has been taken prisoner by rebel nyloc insurgents. Find the insurgents' hidden camp and bring Avryx back to the Regent.

   Estimated Mental Difficulty Rating:   Six
   Estimated Physical Difficulty Rating: Eight
   Estimated Danger Rating:              Eight
   This quest was created by Chaos.


Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

The nylocs' hidden camp is above the ravine in the Underdark. Nyloc characters can start with it as a home city, if you are uncertain where to find it. To complete this quest, you must safely escort the Prince from his prison to the closed portcullis on the east side of Yathryn There are three obstacles in your way.

  • As soon as the prince leaves his prison, he'll be attacked by any nyloc NPCs you pass, so kill them all before you release him.
  • The prince is surrounded by a force field of electrical energy, you need to give him some manner of resisting electrical damage. Gems of protection from electricity work great.
    • Gem of protection from electricity does not work after change 4031
    • Scroll of protection from lightning (read aloud to him) does not work either
    • Ring of minor protection from lightning does not work either
    • Ring of lightning warding does not work either
  • Both you and the prince need some manner of flight when you leave the camp, or you'll fall to your death above the ravine to the south. Give him a ring of flight, and yourself a means to fly as well.
    • Potion of flight works also (if you can get him to leave his cell)
  • Marking a scroll of recall then giving it to the prince will have him read it to escape the cell. (He can read Anglic and probably Zadjalin)
    • Note that he can land in a very unexpected place (e.g. Devonshire & Narn in separate cases) so be prepared to scry him and go pick him up
  • Be aware that he is hostile to all nylocs (including players!) so if you bring him back to Yathryn via a portal, be careful to avoid the city nylocs.
  • And yes, it is possible with a nyloc.
End of spoiler information.
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