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This is the form that the legendary Amberite Aligned Leo used to wipe out an entire battalion of Exomka war creatures. It is far and away the most destructive form available to any Aligned, and typically only those Aligned who have some special reason and ability to defend Hanoma against grave danger are ever afforded knowledge of it.

This form actualizes an aura of runes around the target that transforms the target into a sort of prismatic lens for esoteric forms of damage. Any such damage the target receives in the state will be reflected and dispersed onto all of the other opponents the Aligned is currently combatting against. This typically only works with elemental damage, mana damage, and cardinal damage, though sometimes particularly intense forms of more physical or kinetic damage types are also refracted. If an attack contains a mixture of principles, only the portion compatible with the aforementioned principles will be dispersed.

The principles underlying this form rely on complex and iterative geometrical calculations, and depends upon the mathematical prowess of the actualizing Aligned. The more perfect one gets at actualizing this form, the more damage can be captured by the prism. (The form would surely be classified as a mathematical structure were it not for the highly normative component to the form.) This lens has a number of side effects on the target: it makes him or her intangible, resistant to normal kinetic damage, and more susceptible to the types of esoteric damage dispersable by the prism effect.

This form is short-lived and depends upon some supplemental means of damaging the primary target to be effective. As such, the timing of this ability is crucial.

Knowledge Requirement

Kill Blue

Facility Formula

17.5% of ego plus 7.5% of intellect plus 17.5% of enchantment skill plus 25% of mathematics skill plus 17.5% of lexiturgy skill plus 12.5% of symbology skill plus 5% of rune lore skill plus 5% of physics skill

Facility Rating

136 to 550

Energy Costs

25 spiritual and 18 order

Process to Actualize Form

visualize the angles of <target>'s body realigning so as to prismatically disperse light

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