Purification (Lightbringer Volition)

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Skill Parts                 : 
    power direction, 1
    power focusing, 1
    power generation, 1
    power tuning, 1
    piety, 0.1
Proficiency Minimum         : 0
Proficiency Maximum         : 440
Spirit Cost                 : 100
Lens Power Cost             : 0%
Process to Actualize Form   : will purification
Begin an attempt to purify impurities from the surrounding light.  The form that this task takes is correctly identifying the color
of a colored word by subvocalization.  The more quickly one does it, the more cleanly one separates off the impurity.  One may
continue attempting this indefinitely; failing to correctly identify a color for several seconds will mark the end of the task.  Upon
completion, one's lens will receive a charge in proportion to how many hues one separated out and how quickly one did so.
The colors relevant for purification are black, blue, green, red, violet, pink, white, and yellow.
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