Puzzle (Aligned Form)

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Puzzle (Aligned Form)

A certain knack and practice with spatial puzzles has afforded you knowledge of this form, which allows you to transform objects by a series of smooth operations known as a diffeomorphism. One takes as one's challenge how to get an object from a current state into an alternate one; the diffeomorphism is a general method of solving such puzzles. Specifically, this form actualizes an alternate arrangement of an armour within itself, the alternate arrangement of which is more suited for a person of a certain size and shape than its current arrangement. In other words, it resizes armour, in an extremely flexible and arbitrary manner.

Deft control over matter is not easy, and there is a high spiritual cost associated with this form, and an even higher cost in order energy -- one that goes up with the value of the item being resized, but which can be kept down somewhat by a high facility with this form. Moreover, an extradimensional storage container is required as a seed. Said container must be empty, and it is consumed by the reshaping process. Once executed, the change in size is permanent.

Knowledge Requirement

complete Solve the Catelius Minor, complete Solve the Catelius Major and complete Solve the Catelius Maximus

Facility Formula

15% of intelligence plus 10% of ego plus 20% of mathematics skill plus 15% of sculpture skill plus 15% of armour lore skill plus 15% of lexiturgy skill plus 7.5% of enchantment skill plus 7.5% of hylophrasty skill

Facility Range

204 to 450

Energy Costs

200 spiritual

Process to Actualize

think about a diffeomorphism between <armour> in its current shape and in a shape that would fit <target>

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